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Our 24/7 trained helpdesk coordinators ensure the residents receive the best possible advice and service. Helpdesk coordinators and clients are able to track works process, promptly assign engineers to attend site and provide details.

Maintenance Services

Our in-house maintenance team can attend to all the needs of our residents. We have an efficient and rapid response to any problem, whether it be an emergency or just an inconvenience we are always available.

Access Control Solutions & CCTV

We have advanced capabilities to ensure seamless integration between Electronics Access Control, Contact-less Smart card, CCTV Surveillance and Crowd Management systems. We provide a comprehensive vehicle Access Control with traffic barriers.

Waste Management

The cleaning and waste management team is composed of top caliber professionals and dedicated employees using modern vehicles and equipment for an effective and efficient execution of cleaning and waste disposal, from its inception to its final disposal.

Pest control

Other than complete cleanliness, we also ensure 100% effective pest control for the protection of public health. 24/7 services available to ensure safe, germ-free and a hygienic environment. We have solution for different types of pests and infestation rate.


The industrial revolutions  completely transformed laundry technology. Latest washing technology with eco-friendly solutions, considerably reducing the water consumption as well as the quick laundry. No matter what type of clothes we ensure to maintain maximum quality and hassle free services.
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